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Catch Basin Solutions Explained

Industrial Cleaning &
Vacuum Truck Service

Oil-Water Separator Maintenance.
Pressure Washing Service.
Tank Cleaning.
Confined Space Entry Service.

Industrial Vacuum Service.
Underground Injection Control Devices (UIC).
Wash Pad Maintenance.
Wash Pad Design.

Vacuum Truck Services:
 – EBS offers a wide variety of Best Management Practices (BMP) in establishing preventative maintenance (PM) methods using vacuum trucks and hydro excavating equipment. To identify your specific need our EBS application consultant will arrange a time to meet with your staff. This will assist in determining the appropriate size and type of equipment necessary to meet your application.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions:
 – Pressure Washing:  EBS uses the latest Eco-friendly cleaning technologies including advanced green cleaning agents, sophisticated wastewater recycling systems and new cleaning techniques.

– Oil - Water Separator Service:  Oil/Water Separators are large capacity, under-ground cement vaults installed between a drain and connecting sewer pipes. Designed with baffles they trap sediment and retain oils that floats to the surface. Coalescing Plate Separators have a smaller capacity and can be installed above or below ground. The oil is removed mechanically or skimmed off. Regular maintenance is required to avoid overload flowing through to the sewer. EBS has mobile vacuum trucks that pump out the material which is shipped to a treatment facility. We can help with disposal documentation if you are unfamiliar with the process.

 – Tank Cleaning:  EBS personnel are confined space entry / rescue trained to address everything from small fuel tank removal to atmospheric applications.

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