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Catch Basin Solutions Explained

Why EBS?

Specializing In Innovative Answers & Design Solutions
EBS specializes in innovative answers and design solutions by applying “regen” technologies for stormwater and industrial wastewater applications. EBS has been a leader in designing systems for resolving, reducing and/or reclaiming by products.
Understanding the ever-changing needs of our clients, we pride ourselves in being able to provide flexible and cost-effective solutions while maintaining a world class quality of workmanship that each and every one of our clients deserve.  
With a proven track record of completing tasks that include plant maintenance closures, storm water and waste water treatment, soil remediation, disposal and reclamation solutions to a complete line of industrial valve repair and replacement our team is extremely versatile, experienced and better equipped to successfully complete a wider variety of projects than our competition. It is this versatility that enables us to troubleshoot and implement solutions to any issue that could potentially stop a project from being completed on time and within budget.
Because of our safe approach, sustained awareness, and commitment to hazard prevention, our reduced insurance premiums, lower labor costs, and higher productivity benefit our clients in immediate project cost savings, expedited project completion and reduced liability.
We currently have an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) rating of 0.95, zero lost time, and zero incidents in over 200,000 labor hours. Our project managers and employees maintain a mix of current certifications in, 40 Hr HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry / Rescue, Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC), and Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Class A Endorsements.

Storm Regen® – An Innovative, Cost Effective Technology for the Reuse of Stormwater for BMP Maintenance
By utilizing our newly patented STORM REGEN® technology, regular maintenance of stormwater systems can be simplified while improving sustainability and decreasing maintenance costs..
STORM REGEN® has developed the latest advancements in sustainable practices for resolving, reducing and/or reclaiming stormwater to manage the collection, treatment, recycling, and residual disposal of stormwater runoff. This system is a mobile unit which treats contaminated surface and stormwater by cleaning it of contaminants. Following the treatment, STORM REGEN® initiates a patented process whereby much of the previously contaminated water can be recycled for reuse. Any remaining residuals are disposed of allowing for disposal cost reduction and less liability than current industry practices.
STORM REGEN® is offered as an onsite mobile, static two-phase separation (liquid and solids separation) of stormwater or light industrial wastewater applications. Two-phase separation occurs followed by liquid filtration and liquid "regeneration". Liquid is regenerated to the original vessel or a designated discharge location using the STORM REGEN® technology.

The most significant differences between the STORM REGEN® stormwater system and traditional vacuum extraction methods of stormwater from a storm treatment system are,
• increased sustainability
• reduced transportation risk
• increased opportunity for stormwater re-use
• reduced maintenance costs

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